uTrader is a trading platform developed by daydream investments in 2011. It a fastest growing binary trading company of Europe. The company makes sure that the clients get to work with the best experts in the market.

Basic information

  1. Deposit: you have to make a minimum deposit of 300 dollars out of which you need to spend at least 20 dollars for the first transaction.
  2. Financial instruments: although the organization is still growing and needs the basic screening of initial hurdles and process. The brokers are working hard to ensure its customer gets access to various kinds of Forex currencies, indices, stocks and commodities. Since it is a dominant binary brokerage choice it is getting fair competitors for in new and established platforms, naturally, they have to put an extra effort to stay in the market.

Advantages of trader

Using trader you can trade 24 hours a day 365 days a year. you can trade as and when you wish to do so. There is no limit bound to your trade, you can do so in the middle of the night and the situations are under your control at all times.

Customer service is the priority for the trader, they approach each and every customer on a case by case basis. The additional benefit of using trader platform is the company provides its customer with an exclusive report on market information created by the experienced financial analyst. This information will help you to make profitable transactions. The customer support team is well equipped and is ready to help you with all your doubts.

The company website has a section of “education” to help its new customer with the basic trading knowledge after all knowledge is the key to success. the trader platform can be accessed from smartphones and tablets as well which means trading is just a fingertip away and you can trade any time in a day. The platform is very user-friendly for the first time traders and has language support in Russian, Dutch, English and many more.

Opening an account with the trader is very simple and easy. You have to choose one from the four account type: start, silver, gold, VIP. More the status you choose you will receive additional training material, withdrawal priority, account manager etc. you can open an account using Euro, Rubel or Dollar. You can make a maximum profit up to 85% using this platform. The withdrawal process is also very easy you can use bank transfer, credit card, and many other options. To know more click uTrader.


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