A treasure trove of information at your fingertips

Information is power indeed!

If there is something that can set the right from the wrong and the light from the darkness then it is the knowledge. There is nothing in this world that is not conquerable with the power of knowhow.

A couple of years ago, I wanted to become a trader in binary options and so I set about trying to figure out how I should begin. The right way would have been to start with reading comprehensively about it and then determining which is the best platform to trade in. but naïve that I was, I thought since most of the software seem to look similar, there is probably no reason for me to keep o browsing each one of them in order to zero in on one of them.

So, I randomly chose the first one that the search engine threw up to me. I had typed “best trading software” in the task bar and for some unknown reason I was too sure that Google would throw up the search result of the best trading software, one that is honest!

I was ridiculously scammed!

Unfortunately, I had picked up the slyest of the software and I was royally scammed to the tune of thousands of dollars till I opened my eyes to the fraud that was happening. The software would promise the sun and the moon and the stars and make me redeposit each time the previous deposit vanished into thin air and I like a muff kept on pumping more money till I was almost broke.

In a couple of days, the software was inconspicuously missing in action. A little probing said that it had defrauded hundreds of traders to the tune of millions of dollars and now it has shut the shop and absconding incommunicado.

That was the day I realized that there is nothing better than a good research:

Thankfully, I never got shied of taking risks. I wanted to be able to still trade. A little probing on the internet told me that there are several reviewing sites such as the top10binarydemo.com website which regularly reviews trading software either suo moto or on request and the results of their beta testing and live experimentationare published in the public domain for everyone to see.

Impressed, I logged on this website and what do I see? The rogue website has been reviewed a couple of weeks ago and a strong message posted to be aware of the software. I thought to myself had I been to such a brilliant site earlier I would have not lost so much money afterall. But you know what? It’s always better late than never!

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