Dearest Mum, It’s been so long since I’ve seen you “live.” Skype is great, but it’s not exactly the same, is it? Many apps or software’s do come, stay and go with time. Only certain of them stay here, for years to come. The reason that few of them get clicked with people is that […]

Renu Shah Bagaria

maggie doyne suraya pakzad renu shah bagaria Renu Shah Bagaria is the founder of Koseli, a center for children in Kathmandu, Nepal, who, due to their economic circumstances and the country’s recent civil war, live in the city’s streets and slums. Koseli, which means “gift”, provides education, food and tender loving care for over 65 […]

Suraya Pakzad

maggie doyne suraya pakzad renu shah bagaria Recently named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people, Suraya Pakzad is an outspoken Afghan activist on behalf of the rights of women and girls. She originally founded the Voice of Women Organization (VWO) to educate girls in Kabul in secret schools under the Taliban, and has since […]


To Mama With Love supports Epic Change’s mission to amplify the visibility & impact of grassroots changemakers. Funds raised will be invested to expand the efforts of these four extraordinary women. In the US alone, $14.6B is spent annually on Mother’s Day for “stuff” that could just never say what’s in our hearts. What if […]

Mama Lucy

“Mama Lucy” Kamptoni sold chickens in her Tanzanian village & turned her income into a school that provides quality education to hundreds of local children who now consistently rank among the best and brightest in her country.. To get more info about the crypto robot’s user can visit the official website of top 10 crypto […]


Jean Haydon John Haydon Miss you mom! 🙂 Videos Words There is a quote that says, “God couldn’t be everywhere and hence created the Mothers”! it holds true no matter what the situation is, and where it is!! Mothers are beautiful souls who no matter what age, still struggle for their child’s development and growth. […]


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who is such an inspiration. You taught us that we could be and do anything that we want to do, if we just put our heart into it. That’s so true if we put our heart into anything that we do, the results will be amazing. The work we […]


I know we joke about “buffer zones,” but the fact that we can joke together like that says two things: 1.) we have a similar sense of humor and 2.) we really do love each other. The first thing any trader would want to know before his trading adventure would be whether the various trading […]


Barbara Mistick Sloane Berrent Mom, thanks for everything. I love you. All the topics that discuss trading mostly talk about how a trader can make profits, how he can be successful here and what is it that he is supposed to do here in accomplishing his profit missions. So it is always been the good […]


Mum Jasmin Tragas amazing, creative, resilient – thank you! Images Words What a wonderful gift, to have a mother who teaches you to find a little bit of art in everything, no matter where you are, or whatever your circumstance. What a wonderful gift, to follow an example of courage, resilience and confidence. A few […]