Mama Lucy

“Mama Lucy” Kamptoni sold chickens in her Tanzanian village & turned her income into a school that provides quality education to hundreds of local children who now consistently rank among the best and brightest in her country..

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For years, Mama Lucy saved the money she made selling chickens, holding in her heart the audacious hope that some day it would be enough to build a school in her village. In 2003, her savings became the seed capital for Shepherds Junior School, where she started with six local children in a single classroom. Now, Mama Lucy’s school serves over 400 children at ten grade levels, from age 2 to 13. Her students rank among the best and brightest in her country, consistently scoring at the top of over 120 schools in the Arusha district of Tanzania. Prior to founding Shepherds Junior, Mama Lucy founded Business & Entrepreneurship Support Tanzania (BEST), a local microfinance & training organization for small farmers and entrepreneurs. In 2007, she was awarded a fellowship by Epic Change, and, in 2009, was invited to speak to a global audience of changemakers at the European Summit for Global Transformation.

Now that her oldest students are nearly ready to enter secondary school, Mama Lucy aims to build a secondary school that will transform her students into self-sufficient young men and women with the basic education necessary to build their futures, and their nation. While Mama Lucy’s primary school & children’s home are now entirely self-sustainable through local sources of income, the expansion capital required to build a secondary school to open January 2011 is an immediate challenge to ensure the seamless continuity of her students’ education in Mama Lucy’s loving care.

Land has already been purchased using funds invested last year during Epic Thanks. With each $10,000 she raises during To Mama With Love, Mama Lucy will be able to add a classroom to the secondary school. To open the school in time for students to attend next January, an estimated $50,000-$60,000 is needed for construction to meet the minimum standards of the local education ministry.

Essentially, if just 400 people create a $25 heartspace as their Mother’s Day gift, Mama Lucy will be able to build a classroom out of pure love. But we think love just might have more in store for her…

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