Dear Suraya,

Thank you for showing me:

That transformative change can be both audacious and gracious, at the same time.

“Change is the only change that is constant” goes a saying and that is absolutely right! As humans, we keep changing at every phase. Our change depends on the external factors and internal factors equally. We don’t rely solely on something, at the same time we don’t take decisions quite independently. We rely on people to help us out in certain situations, we seek and give advice and then make the necessary change accordingly.

On financial matters especially, we seek advice from people who had been in our situations and then consider the pros and cons and then decide. Now with the internet becoming the backbone of all our search needs, we also read on reviews and decide. But, every time you can’t rely on reviews alone, you need to take up the decision and then experiment for yourself to bear the fruit of your change.

One such financial matter is the cryptocurrency. When we ask people, most of them don’t know about it, and others don’t even want to experiment hence give wrong signals. The main reason is that it is a currency that has been newly added and people are scared to give a try. Bitcoins, Ethereum and few others are now making many people lives unexpectedly best. The people who opted and took a risk sometime back are now a millionaire. There is enough opportunity for you too, to try and make your lives better, leaving your scare of the crash.

There are online platforms that are helping people in this regard. Cryptocurrency doesn’t have an exchange as it is, we need to get associated with one of the online platforms and get access to it. To know about the best platforms, visit the website and learn for yourself how people are transforming their lives for better with this newly found genie and why it’s already late for you! Sometimes taking a little risk initially will take you the high up into the sky through the stars.

The subtle power of elegant influence.
That courage can be gentle and loving.
How intelligence, restraint and discernment can make all the difference
That a mother’s love is not limited to her own children.

And thank you for welcoming me, advising me, listening to me, and most recently, for trusting me to help tell your story and raise awareness and (hopefully) lots of money for your amazing work!



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