Dear Mum,

You’ve always shown me what real love, compassion and generosity looked like and so you get to take credit for the best of me. We can blame Dad for the rest ;-)

Thank you for not only loving us with all your heart, but also for loving everyone who came across your path. Thank you for teaching me that there was always plenty of love (and food, for that matter) to go around and that any event could be made better by opening the doors a little wider and inviting someone who might be alone.

Such are comments and thanks messages that could be seen in the Qprofit System trading blogs and articles wherein people who are really interested in trading get ideas from and also take suggestions on their trading plans and ideas. This is a site or a place where traders, especially the newbies can get a good start when they are stepping into the trading field for the first time. Yes, for the newcomers it is of utmost importance that they get a good guidance before getting into serious trading. Now here is what he needs to do for enjoying the best of the trading experiences.

The first trade

The first trade is the best trade for any trader. It is this experience that would decide his durability in this field. The first experience needs to be the best experience and for this, it is important that a trader get the best guidance and knowledge about trading before he actually starts his journey here. This is very essential because this field might be a little intimidating and confusing at the beginning and it is only after a few trades would a trader get used to being here.

  • Understanding the market well- it is important that the trader gets information and keeps himself updated on the share market happenings.
  • There are always ample opportunities in the share market and hence a trader needs to make the best choices without missing the opportunities.
  • Then based on the choices made he needs to plan a strategy and design a trading plan which would help him in winning his trades as planned.

Thank you for teaching me to share what I have, which is exactly why my Mother’s Day Gift for you this year is a contribution to help Mama Lucy build a children’s home in Tanzania. I knew you’d appreciate that!

All my love,


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