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What a wonderful gift, to have a mother who teaches you to find a little bit of art in everything, no matter where you are, or whatever your circumstance.

What a wonderful gift, to follow an example of courage, resilience and confidence.

A few years ago, when I started trading online, I had no knowledge whatsoever about trading. I used to read a lot over the internet in a bid to understand what exactly it is and the way I must be able to tame it. It was obvious right from the beginning itself that it was not so easy and wonderful like it was made out to be.

I was right:

Every website that was for trading waxed eloquent about the services it offer and the humongous amount of profits that one could make when they signed up with them. It never made sense to me. If trading was so wonderful and easy then the results would have been for everyone to see. We would have had more millionaires who would be claiming that they had earned so much wealth form trading alone. But I could see no signs as such of it.

I had decided to tread safely:

I was already on hard times. By no means did I want to take a wrong decision which I would repent all my life. There was no financial cushioning whatsoever and I was the sole bread winner. There was no way I could take any kind of chance.

That was the time I also chanced upon a wonderful blog called Cybermentors:

This blog took it upon itself to unmask the fraudsters and to make sure that hapless traders who are newbies and naïve do not fall prey to such software whose sole purpose was to trap the traders, talk sweet and extract investments and then one fine day to close the shutters and abscond.

I have read their reviews and I thought they were doing a great service to the traders:

It was through this blog site by Collins Tyusm that I came to know about QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. This sophisticated forex trader is a sure winner and I can vouch that with experience today.

I was inspired particularly by the fact that Jerry Douglas also wanted to create trading software for people like me who were struggling to make their two ends meet. Apparently, this is because even he came up the hard way.

It may not suffice to say that the software was wonderful. You can read the full review about it along with pictures on my personal blog site and then decide for yourself if it is the right one for you!

What a wonderful gift, to be raised on a diet of acceptance, tolerance, humour, music and passion.

What a wonderful gift, to have a mother like mine.

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