Whenever I think of you, I think about…

Love, for family, first and foremost. It’s unconditional.

Kindness. Whether you are taking time to bring an older relative shopping or baking for a grieving neighbor, you make people feel that they are special and cared for.

Books – how could I not? I can’t remember a time that you weren’t reading something, with more books on hold at the library and magazines stacked around the house. Now I do too!

You need to be informed to do well:

You cannot simply lose money carelessly and then excuse yourself saying that it was something that you did not know or that it just simply slipped out of your mind to double check about it. It never works like that ever. Infact, a successful person is someone who has taken the time and the trouble to make sure that they are not taken for a ride.

Let me tell you about my trading experiences:

At twenty years something, when I first came to know about online trading I was too excited to even know about it completely before I made a plunge. The various trading website made it sound like a piece of cake and I was so confident that the moment I would open a trading account, I would start making profits and within no time my bank balance will swell and I would become a millionaire just like aow each one of the website promised.

But the reality was otherwise:

I did not profit even more than five times but I lost money to the tune of $5000! I was furious. Each time my balance depleted I kept refurbishing it in the hope of winning it big but that was never to be.

Soon, I realized the scam:

It took me a while and the help of an awesome blogger called Collins Tyusm

This blog is god sent for anyone who is interested in trading in forex and crypto currency. It gives a complete lowdown about the markets and leaves no stone unturned in identifying the rogue software and bringing their misdoings to light. I would recommend each and every trader in forex to read his blog before they take the plunge.

Faith and trust that it will all be ok.

Blueberry pie. Apple pie. And muffins too…

Smiles. When you’re happy or excited your smile has an ageless energy and enthusiasm to it. I hope I inherited that quality.

Appreciation for life. You notice the little things. Maybe that has something to do with why Thankfulfor is now in the world!

I love you for all these things and more.
– Jen
(Petite Francois)

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