Gatesway – Beware of it

Gatesway – Beware of it

Gatesway is an auto-pilot scam that has been named under the Bill Gates foundation, starting to establish a risk-free trading solution. The irony is that the man himself has no idea really what the product or who the makers are. The people behind this are utilizing the name of the foundation as a marketing strategy. There is a promotional video on the website of the software, but then it is copied from a TED conference, this proves that the product is a fake and even the other narrator in the promotional video is a paid actor. This Gatesway review explains why it is considered a scam.


The working of the algorithm is much complex and there is a claim that the people have exclusive access to the accounts of the richest people and it makes decisions regarding what is the investment and what are the entities the investment needs to be done. Extremely risky, it claims to carry out investment in the stock market and produces immediate stunning results. There is no guarantee for the money. The ratio of winnings is extremely high but there is a hype of providing huge profits by uncovering the trading rules.

The product is a scam and the most concrete proof is that it is a scam is that Bill Gates would never associate himself with such a product. Actors are performing in the website and there is a problem with the authenticity of the product. The biggest suggestion to users will be to avoid taking advantage of the service and stop using such fake platforms. It does not perform any special unique function or even have a remarkable feature with respect to trading. It is always better to go through the entire process before letting in the process. There is a need to analyze the software, and platform before starting any such venture that requires a large amount of money to be used and invested.

The process is conceived and created by a set of scammers who are trying their level best to increase the impact of this product by bringing out the maximum level of attention to it. They have tried their level best in improving their quality and presentation techniques but then there is no clear-cut vision. The main negative is the unwanted video about Bill Gates and a few actors playing the part of active Gatesway initiators.

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