A trading system is defined as a collection of specific parameters that bring in together to make a sell and buy signal under a guaranteed security system. In terms of online trading it is defined as the services or a currency that is profitable for investors and traders. Before indulging in the online trading, one has to be cautious about some of the factors which in short are referred to a scam. The system automatically becomes a fake one whose motto is to get the money from the people and they fail to give them neither their profit nor their invested money.


In the terms of Jerry Douglas, the founder of this system explain that this system is a complex well being of a combined data of analysis which predicts the future of the market accurately and thus generating the results. He also adds that, the investor need not be well surfed with the skills, experience in the field of online trading. He has also provided this software for free to the users. The usage of this software is in the usual way which follows the simple steps like:

  • Registering the details and getting the proprietary of the software.
  • Funding the account with at least the minimum amount as working capital.
  • Earning the profit by the manual or autopilot mode.


There are some specific reasons why this system is considered a scam which includes the following:

  • The founder of this system is a paid actor who gives out false statements in his video.
  • Fake testimonials are created by this organization to make the people believe that they are 100 percent guaranteed with profit.
  • This system involves indulging of the fake brokers who will be eager to get the money from the investors and fail to give the profit or the invested money to them.
  • A great joke disclosed about this system is that, this system has NASA approval for the prediction of the trade for the software.
  • This system involves the usage of pressure tactics. This means that a particular person is made to fill in some details so that they can earn a huge profit under a time-constrained method.
  • False promises are given by the founder and the team of scammers to attract the investors.

In the end, it is not advised to take up this software for online trading with the wish to take up more bonuses.

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