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maggie doyne suraya pakzad renu shah bagaria One of the newest CFD trading robots is crypto CFD trader which was introduced by well-respected trader and name of the creator is Lenny Hyde, this man is also called as Crypto Millionaire. He used many different investment tools in which they include high-frequency trading, digital trading, social […]


Dear Mom, I hope you know everything I do is a reflection of who you made me. I’m still the little girl who learned from your example how to hold on to hope. Even (especially) when so many others might have given up, you never did. When you want to prove to the world that […]

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What is “To Mama With Love”? How do I participate? When is the event? What is Epic Change? Who is Mama Lucy? What is the goal? How will the proceeds of To Mama With Love be invested? How do I contact event organizers? What is a heartspace? I’m a Mom, how do I request this […]

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My village in Arusha, Tanzania did not have good schools. So, I started Shepherds Junior School in 2003 with money I raised from a small chicken farm. I began with only 10 students. With the help of Epic Change, now I serve more than 411 kids and my school is currently ranked #2 in my […]

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Create your own video slideshow at I wanted to be able to help mum out: If there is one person who has always had my back then it has to undoubtedly be my momma. She has left literally left no stone unturned in bringing me up. Dad decided to move out of the house […]

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