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I wanted to be able to help mum out:

If there is one person who has always had my back then it has to undoubtedly be my momma. She has left literally left no stone unturned in bringing me up. Dad decided to move out of the house leaving her alone with me. She didn’t even know his whereabouts for a very long time. He didn’t even warm her about his going. She was hopeful that he would come back eventually one day.

He surfaced a few years later and an alcoholic:

Mom gave up on him when she realizes that he was only becoming a liability on her. She has worked really hard to raise me and give me a great education and I wanted to always grow up and be able to support her categorically.

Apart from the day job that I easily acquired thanks in big part to my advanced qualification, I also traded in my free time online with the sole purpose of being able to provide a great standard of living to my mother.

I chose Bitcoin trader:

I have never really had concerns about the frauds and the conning that other software platforms present. This particular software has been such a legit one that till date I have had no issues whatsoever.

If I lose a trade, I also win. And trading is a risky proposition:

I know exactly the amount of risk that is inherent is trading and that is precisely why I give myself enough room to lose till I can easily absorb. Any amount of loss that goes beyond affordability will eat into my capital investment and leave me broke. That is the kind of an imaginary limit that I have drawn in my head and I know I have to stop at a point beyond which it would it be affordable at all to lose.

Over the years, I have created a corpus:

I am so satisfied with the software that I have even gone ahead and endorsed my experience to people of the internet by writing a comprehensive bitcoin trader review on my blog. I have even added screenshots of actual trading that I did on the website’s dashboard.

Over the years it has only become better. You must check them out first before going anywhere else. To read my blog, you can click on the link given at the bottom of this page.

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