Trade Secrets

Any confidential business information which can give a competitive edge to a business or an organization can be called a trade secret. It can include manufacturing, industrial and commercial secrets and sometimes even secrets related to the staff and human resources. If any unauthorized person uses or is holding such information then it can be […]

Reason for Trading with The News Spy Platform

                                      The News spy is an online automated trading money making software, which got rend in the internet having the proof to its profit. The program of this software is designed to make the money quickly and shared with the users to invest in the trade and they will be confident in getting high returns […]


A trading system is defined as a collection of specific parameters that bring in together to make a sell and buy signal under a guaranteed security system. In terms of online trading it is defined as the services or a currency that is profitable for investors and traders. Before indulging in the online trading, one […]